Building your new
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Adding content to your new website
might seem daunting, but this guide
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How To Create Great Website Content

Having excellent quality content on your website is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Your web content is the front door to your company and if it’s not on point you’re going to lose out on customers. Below is a guide to get you started on filling your website with appealing text and images.

Text Content

It can seem a real headache filling your new website with text. But when you break it all down into bite sized, relevant chunks, it’s usually not all that much of a challenge. Below, we’ll give you some great tips to make the process of what is probably the hardest part of putting a website together, really easy!


Bright, hi-def images can be really expensive to produce. But if you don’t have a massive budget, you can get some pretty stunning results from modern smart-phones if you use a little creativity. We’ll show you how! And for those times when you have to have the absolute best images, we’ll show you how to source them for $1.


Like text, knowing what questions to ask on a form can be difficult; are you asking for too little info or too much?

We’ll walk you through this and give you some great ideas as to how to make the most of the information you get from potential clients.


Setting up an online shop where people can actually purchase your products or services can be another challenge but have a look at some of our tips below and you’ll find some great advice to make sure you’re not only offering the right services at the right price, but making the buying process really easy!

Hints & Tips For Each Page

Below we’ve broken down each page that you’d typically have on your website. If you want to dip your toe in the content-writing waters to get your mojo going, why not do it all in reverse order and start with the easiest page – the CONTACT US page?

Adding content (text, images, forms, etc) to your website can look a daunting process especially when you have a product or service that’s a little different and difficult to explain.

In this section – click on the accordion to the right to expand each part –  we’ll walk you through each typical menu page of your new website and give you some ideas to get you started as well as some hints & tips as to how best to convey your message.

The challenge starts here. You’ll feel like a novelist trying to come up with the opening lines for a new best-selling book. If that happens, you’re simply over-thinking things. Start with the basics: a welcome, a very brief intro or summation of what’s in the rest of the website, a bit about you, etc.

For example: “Welcome to our new site! We’ve been very excited to open our doors to the public since we started along this road 6 months ago. We offer the best dog-washing services in all of Dogsville; we’re fully insured, prompt, reliable and best of all, we’ll form such a bond with your four-legged family member that they”ll barely able to wait to see us again! So feel free to have a look around the site and see what we offer, then give us a call or use one of our easy booking forms and we’ll be in touch straight away.” See….it’s not too hard, huh? Just write like you’re explaining your business to a friend that’s popped over for a cuppa.

From there you can move onto more details. The design you’ve chosen for your site will present you with areas where you can offer the visitors to your site relevant information. You can drill down into the specifics of what you sell or offer in these areas. Don’t be distracted by other areas of the site that needs updating and don’t be too concerned with repeating yourself…that kind of information overlap is fine. In fact, it’s often recommended to really get your point across.

You’ll also often find that the HOME page will feature testimonials from people who have used your services before. If you’re a startup and don’t have any clients to give you a testimonial, consider former clients, friends or even family who’ll happily recommend you based upon the work they’ve seen you carry out.

This is usually a lot easier than the HOME page but some people find it hard to talk about themselves. But this is your chance to put your best foot forward and tell potential clients a bit more about you. It’s probably the most important page on your site. In here, you’ll want to add a photo (more about that in the “images” section below), maybe a bit about your experience in your chosen field, why you started the business in the first place, the areas you service, the people you work with and so on. Once you get on a roll, you’ll find it hard to stop!

Remember, you don’t have to sound formal to gain credibility and trust. Most people find it easier to trust real human beings rather than a description that sounds like it came from some corporate-speak seminar. Showcase the people behind your company and humanise your brand by introducing the founders by name.

Many start-up business are concerned that, being a one-person operation, they’ll come across as a one-person operation! If that’s the case and you want to make yourself look like a more well-run, experienced or larger organisation (be careful though, some people refer a smaller, local business!), it’s really easy to inflate your profile by being a bit clever – while still staying honest!

Let’s look at a simple example. Remember at school when the teacher asked “No man is an island. What does that phrase mean?”. Well odds are that even if you’re on your on in this venture, you’re still getting a little help from somewhere else. So if your other-half is the one that reminds you to fill out your BAS Statement and keep the petrol receipts from when you last filled up, well they’re now going to be promoted into an account-keeping role!

And your marketing department is about to get a boost too! Have a look at the ideas below…

Dave Dobbins: Proprietor “Hi I’m Dave & I’m the owner of Dave’s Dogwash. I’ve been passionate about animals all my life and in combination with a strong work ethic and the love of meeting new people, this business was right up my alley. Give me a call & let’s see what I can do to get your pet smelling like a puppy”!

Mary Money: Accounts & Customer Service
“Mary looks after our accounts & customer service. She’s the one that responds to our client requests and booking appointments plus makes sure that we’re always offering the best service at the best possible price.

Mark Zuckerberg: Marketing “No, Mark obviously doesn’t work for us but because we use the power of social media platforms like Facebook to promote our business instead of spending tens of thousands on ads, we can keep our prices low…and that’s great news for you!”

There, you’ve given yourself a bit of a bigger profile whilst making it clear that you’re still a local, dedicated and customer-focused service. Big, bright images, a great page layout (that’s down to your awesome web designer!) and the text you’ve just come up with will make a fantastic looking ABOUT US page. Well done!

Hopefully by now you’re on a roll and the creativity is pouring out of you.

Most websites have at least one dedicated services page or at least something similar. Here you can really drill down into the finer points of what you do and why you’re better than everyone else. Often you’ll find what’s called a “Call To Action” on this page which is a special offer for new clients attached to a contact form of some type. So word this section with an eye on pushing your potential client toward that form.

Add in some photos (again, more about photos are below) and you’re done. This section can often be extremely busy if you offer a whole range of products and services but often visitors are looking at your site after seeing an ad or a promotion for something specific so don’t be too concerned if this section is very straightforward and to the point – it might just be what your customers are looking for!

Not every business will have a Pricing Page. You might be in a super-competitive market and would prefer to discuss prices over the phone. Or, perhaps, you might offer a customised service that has no real fixed price (we can help with that too by implementing a Custom Quote Calculator).

But you’ll find your chosen website designs has specific areas for breaking down the prices of the products and services you offer and these can usually be expanded on infinitely if have many products (especially if it’s an e-commerce store).

If you’re a start-up you might not have much to go in here but even if you’ve a few examples of a similar service you’ve completed before (maybe with a previous employer) then this is the place to showcase them. Your website will often be pre-designed with the relevant showcase areas that might give you some inspiration…it’s rare that you’ll find yourself with a completely blank page with no hints as to what to do next.

This is the easiest page of all….and likely something we’ll complete on your behalf as (hopefully!) we’ll have all your contact details.

In here will go all the various ways of getting in touch with you or viewing your social media profile: your address (not always required), a landline if you have one, a mobile (that’s a MUST!), an email address and then all the social media outlets you business is promoted on.

Sometimes if you have a shopfront or want to advertise the location of your business, we can add in an embedded googlemap for you.

And more often than not, you’ll find you have some kind of contact form on this page, too. After all, if people have made the decision to contact you, let’s not limit their ways of getting in touch!

Web Forms

You’ll need some kind of “Call To Action” on your website – something to entice your potential customers to get in touch with you. With the exception of a prominent phone number (which should be ‘clickable’ on a smart phone), your best way to get in touch with clients are via forms. Below, we’ll run through some general concepts for you to consider.

Forms come in just about any shape and size you’d care to image. Some are simple one-liners with a field for an email address, others look more like a tax-return.

Whatever form you have on your website – and even if it’s a simple “Contact Us” form with a name and phone number – you should have one. After all, if someone wants to reach you but can’t talk as they’re at work or are more comfortable getting some information before speaking with you, then you can’t lose a potential client just because you didn’t offer them that way of touching base with you.

We can implement whatever kind of form you like; it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you just need someone to leave their details so you can call them, then a simple form is all you’ll need (name/phone/email). But what if you’re running a housekeeping business and you’d like some kind of customised online form where your potential customers can insert the number of bedrooms and bathrooms? And then they can tell you how many children and pets they have and if they want you to clean inside the fridge after you’ve pulled it out to clean behind it? That’s not really going to be covered in a standard price list so this is when a more detailed form can be invaluable.

So have a think about what kind of information your clients might need and then let us tailor the forms to suit.

As a rule, you’ll want to have some basic way for your potential customers to get a hold of you. A basic form will do the job well and are fast to fill out. Name, Email, Phone…SUBMIT! That’s it. You’ll get an email saying that someone has made an enquiry via your website and you’ll have their details to call or email them.

You can be as detailed as you like here. Some of our Real Estate Agent clients have had us design Property Appraisal Request Forms that have not only the name and contact details of their potential customer but every detail of their home. That way, they have all the info they need to cross reference that property against others in the area to work out the most accurate value before they call their customer back.

Let’s say you’re a landscaper and have a basic price list for (a) lawn-mowing, (b) lawn-mowing and hedge-trimming and (c) lawns, hedges and pool cleaning. That’s great but what if you’d like to be able to give your website’s visitors the option to obtain a quote for all of that plus things like gutter clearing and tree-trimming and then be able to tell you if their property is on a small block with a postage-stamp sized bit of grass or 30 acres? We can offer you that solution too!

Profile Photos & Other Images

When it comes to images for your website, we will usually provide you with some great images to start off but if they don’t suit your needs, you can always supply us with your own and we’ll gladly update the site for you. And if you don’t have the capacity to take your own photos, we can send you safe links to reputable companies like Adobe where you can purchase really awesome stock images on the internet for just $1 each!

When it comes to taking your own photos and photos of any support staff you might have for the ABOUT US section of your website, you’ll need to take a little care. We often see people use facebook images of themselves and that’s not really ideal because they can come across a little too casual.

Conversely, the highly photoshopped corporate shots can also be a little off putting especially it you’re not a corporate type of business. After all, someone looking for Lawn-Mowing or Property Maintenance services aren’t going to be expecting to see a bloke in a Brioni suit!

Our best advice here is to keep it relevant. If you’re a chef, get a photo in the kitchen. If you’re a dog-walker, head to the park and get some candid shots with your four-legged friends.

If you have a few people on your team, consistency is key here….if one of you has a corporate-style photo with a white background, you should ALL have a corporate-style photo with a white background. If you’ve had your photo taken with the lawnmower, then all your colleagues should have their photo taken on the same day, in the same garden (maybe not all with the lawnmower though!). Take the photos on the same day, in the same place, in the same conditions with the same camera.

As for the quality of the photos, obviously the better you can get, the better you’ll look. Not everyone has the budget for a professional photographer but most people will know someone who has a decent camera. Worst case, grab a friend and a smart phone and pick a bright spot (inside or out; remember, keep the location relevant) and get clicking. Key here is to make the subject (you) stand out from everything else so get a shot with a plain wall or a minimal office – just grab your printer, all the cables, the extra hard drive, etc and shift them out of frame for a minute. If you’re taking shots outside, try and pick a sunny day without anyone (or anything!) else in the background. Nothing will ruin a photo faster than seeing a wheelie-bin behind you so make sure you’re the sole focus of the picture.

If you’re going to go for the black & white look, make sure they’re high-contrast photos (if you’re using a smart-phone, they usually have a contrast setting in the edit menu). Low contrast B&W images look a bit pasty and cheap.

And don’t be afraid to have fun with them! Chances are you’re in a business that’s not corporate but rather offering services to regular folk and they like to see that they’re dealing with a real person with a real personality. Have a look at some of the examples below and hopefully you’ll find something to inspire you…















 Black & White

Black & White

Selling Your Products & Services Online

E-Commerce is simply the ability to sell your products and services online (as opposed to a real life shop). It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and maybe it’s something you’ll need to consider for your website.

Perhaps you sell home-made furniture items online and need to not only display your products, but offer payment methods, too. Or, perhaps you’d like to be able to have your clients who get their dogs washed and walked with you to pay in advance?

Whatever your needs are, an E-Commerce solution can be built into your new website. So just let us know what your exact needs are and we can make it happen!

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