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How To Get Your Content To Us

Below are a variety of fields that we hope are pretty self explanatory. When you send us this information, we’ll keep it stored safe and use this info to create your new website. Don’t worry if you don’t have ALL the info we need on Day 1…you can always pop back and send us what you have when it becomes available. And don’t worry if you realise later the info is wrong or you’ve made a typo. Everything can be fixed later. Let’s just get some content in to kick things off.

And remember, if you’re stuck for some ideas as to what to write or what images to use, you can always refer to our CONTENT page.

OK, let’s go…

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Tell Us About You & Your Employees

Your company details MIGHT be different from your personal contact details. So let's start with you...

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And your next employee...
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Great! Now, tell us some details about your website...

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Below are a series of message boxes for each basic page of your website. If you have extra pages, we'll add those later. Just copy and paste the text you'd like into the relevant message boxes (HOME page, ABOUT US page, etc). Try to be clear where the text has to go on each page as there are obviously different areas. If we need more info, we can come back and add it in later so don't worry if you only have part of what you need...


If you have testimonials from people about the quality of your work, let's grab them off you! Below are 4 name/message/image areas for each of your testimonials. If you have more, we can add the others in later. If you don't have any yet, that's ok too...we can work on it later.
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That's it! You're done for now

Thanks! That's more than enough info for us to start the process of customising your site. Once we have this basic info in, we'll send you a link to a sneak peak of your new website so you can have a look and watch it cook. At that stage, it'll be pretty clear what extra info we'll need so we'll be in touch again to get that from you. So hit the SUBMIT button below and we'll chat again soon!