Adding up the price
of your new website,
step by step

Here, you can add on extras to
your basic package price. If you
need advice on this, just call us!


The base price of the “Go For It” pack is $1100 (Plus GST) with the included options indicated below.

Additional extras are available. Please select your desired add-ons and your total price will be calculated for you.

As a NEIS Student, you have the option of paying half up front and the balance over 4 months. No credit checks, no interest.

When you have calculated your total cost, we recommend that you contact us prior to proceeding to payment.


As much as we make it easy to buy and build your new website, there are always going to be a few questions. So below are the most common ones. Have a look through and hopefully you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.


That’s largely down to you. We generally say 2-3 weeks to have you up and running. It might be quicker if you have your written content, images, logo, etc ready to go. However, if you’re starting with absolutely no idea about what to put in your website, have a look HERE for some hints and tips to get you going.

Of course you do! We will take into consideration what kind of business you have and usually recommend 3 designs that we think will suit. If none of those really float your boat, we’ll keep trying for you. From there, your site gets customised just for you: your colours, your logo, your content, your forms, your….well, you get the idea!

We have clients all over the world who say just that. The vast majority of people have absolutely no clue how to even make a start with constructing a website. And so what? That’s what we’re here for. Whilst we’re IT geeks, we promise we will never talk over your head with techno-babble. If you don’t know your left mouse button from your right, don’t stress. We’ll manage the whole process for you. You just look after your new business and leave the design and nerdy stuff to us.

To get started, we’ll need your initial payment (remember, if you’re a NEIS student you pay just half now and the balance over the next 4 months). Then you’ll choose your basic website design and from there we’ll send you an online form where you can send us all the info you have to hand; things like profile photos, product images, text content for the various pages, your logo, contact details, social networking links, etc. But don’t worry if you don’t have it all ready to go from day one. We can start the basic work and you can send us the content when you have it. We’ll also need your domain name (your website address) but, again, that’s not needed on Day 1. And that’s really it. You just leave it all to us.

There are two possible extra costs beyond the inclusions of your basic package and any additions you’d like (see the list on the left for those).

  1. We will host both your website and your email on our shared-server platform (hosted by iPage – for 3 months without any charge. And after that, we only charge $10/month. Bargain! However, should you wish to make use of your own hosting service, then that will cost you whatever fees your host charges. We won’t charge you any additional costs to get your website up on your host for you should you wish.2. Domain name costs. You will have to come up with a domain name that’s obviously not already been taken. For example, Australian domain names ( cost as little as $22 for a 2-year lease. You’ll also need your ABN/ACN to register a domain (if you want to use .com or .net then you won’t need an ABN). Whilst we’d love to pay for that for you, our rates are so low we just can’t afford it. PLUS…if we pay for it, it’ll be in our name and it’s not really ours to own.So that’s really it. If you want us to host your site and your email for you, the only thing you need to buy is the domain name.

Yep! And we’ll make it pretty easy too. We will set your website up with what’s called a CMS…that’s a “Content Management System” and is basically a plain-English/Non-coding way for you to keep the information on your site up to date. You can manage pretty much everything yourself from a simple change of contact phone number to completely changing the colours and layout of your site.

That’s fine. The cost calculator on the left of this page might give you some ideas that you’d not thought of but, if you’re just starting out you might not know what you might need in two weeks let alone two years. So feel free to get in touch with us at any time to have a chat. Let us know a little about your business and your plans and we should be able to help making recommendations. And if you decide that you needed that form after all, and you’ve had your website for over a year, that’s ok…just get in touch and we can modify things for you. There’s nothing set in stone as far as your website content goes!

Whilst we will register your page for you with Google and make sure their servers “crawl” and ‘index” your website so they know it exists, getting on page one takes some work! If you’d like to use Google’s cheat method – Google Ads – we can help with that. The Google Adwords dashboard and the requirements needed to advertise your site can be pretty intimidating if you’re not familiar with it. But we can generate keywords for you (up to half a million!) and chat with you about where you want your site to appear, how much to pay per click, etc. From there, we can set Google Adwords up for you. Once we know where you want to go, we can help get you there!